Something exciting is coming up in January, and today, the ladies pictured at left and I got together to put a name to it:

Novel Matters.

It’s a group blog about our favorite topic, the reading and writing of richly crafted, sumptuous fiction. Many of us got together in Sonoma recently (I said that just to make you jealous), and today we chatted online for something like two hours.* We’re gathering some great ideas for topics you’ll love to read about and giveaways you’ll love to win.

I’ll tell you more as the launch date approaches, but for now, let me introduce my new blog partners:

Upper left is Debbie Fuller Thomas, whose debut novel, Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon released June 1, 2008.

Upper Center is Patti Hill, whose latest novel, The Queen of Sleepy Eye just released in September.

Upper right is Sharon K. Souza, whose latest, Lying on Sunday, also released in September.

Center left is Bonnie Grove, whose novel, Talking to the Dead will release in 2009.

Center, um… center is Jennifer Valent, whose first novel, Fireflies in December, will also release in 2009.

Center right: You know me.

Lower left is Latayne Scott, whose novel, Latter Day Cipher, will also release in 2009.

All of these women are talented authors, with lots to say about what goes into great writing. Do stay tuned. This is going to get interesting.

What will happen to this blog? There will be changes. First, I intend to spend more time here, but also the topics will be less about books and writing (since that will be the subject of Novel Matters) and more about personal thoughts.

Starting soon. I’ve got some ideas brewing right now.

*What did we accomplish in those two hours? We came up with a name for the blog. But we had such fun doing it, I can’t wait to welcome you into our conversations!