Here’s a no-brainer: Go to Search Kindly and click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner, to add their search engine to your searchbox. Then run all your searches through Search Kindly. It’s powered by Google, so you’ll get exactly the same results, with one important difference: This search engine raises money for charities. Which charities? Well, it’s a different one each month, and you get to help choose which, by voting. How much money gets donated? Every penny raised through advertising on the site.

This month, the charity supported is one of my favorites: Compassion International, an organization that provides education, food and medical care to children in poverty all over the world. Compassion also offers each donor a chance to build a relationship with the specific child whose life his or her contribution is changing.

All you need do is make Search Kindly the default search engine in your browser, and each search you make does some good for a child in need. When it’s as easy as that, why wouldn’t you do it?

By the way, if you want to do more, you can check out the Buy Kindly page, and let the purchases you make at stores like Amazon and Overstock earn a commission for Search Kindly.

So go on. Set it up now. It will only take a second.

If you’re going to search, why not Search Kindly?

(Thanks to Leszek Nowak for the image.)