“Sadly, spiritual is most commonly used by Christians to describe people who pray all day long, read their Bibles constantly, never get angry or rattled, possess special powers, and have the inside track to God. Spirituality, for most, has an other worldly ring to it, calling to mind eccentric ‘saints’ who have forsaken the world, taken vows of poverty, and isolated themselves in cloisters.
“Nothing wrong with the spirituality of monks. Monks certainly experience a
kind of spirituality, a way of seeking and knowing God, but what about the rest of us?” ~ Mike Yaconelli, in Messy Spirituality

This is one of my favorite books. It’s the kind I give people at Christmas and Birthdays, or when they seem to feel just like Mike, and just like me, that they will never measure up, no matter how they try.

This is one of those rare books that give voice to the unspoken things, the things we are afraid to think, though we feel them, nonetheless. I can hardly believe anyone dared to publish this book (God bless Zondervan), but if you dare to read it, it will lead you to a good, wide-open place.

How’s your day going? I almost hope you could use a little lift, because I’ve got one for you: Here’s a good chunk of Messy Spirituality for free. Really. Right here.