To Dance in the Desert

… Search inside the book. My book,To Dance in the Desert. You can flip it open to a random page and see what it says. I love doing that. It’s so very cool.


Oh, that Kelly Klepfer.

Not only did she review To Dance in the Desert for her personal blog, Scrambled Dregs, but she also posted that review on Novel Reviews*.

Then to top it off, she also posted her very own Scrambled Dregs interview, in which she wrests from me the revelation that I write with a 1.5 gallon Gallo wine jug on my desk…

I don’t know how she gets people to say these things.

But thank you, Kelly.

*By the way, she also posted her review on my Amazon book page, where Don Pape, Sharon Souza, and Christina Lockstein have also posted their reviews. Thanks to all. I am blessed.

The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance has been hosting blog tours for two years now, helping to get the word out about new, and often debut novels. This month they hosted To Dance in the Desert!

My, what a love fest this has been. I’m still a little woozy from all the kind things that were said, so I’ll just post some highlights:

“As far as character driven stories go, Kathleen Popa has created a
beauty. Add to that the intricate, well-woven story that unfolds
throughout the book, and you have yourself a book that’s hard to put
down, and a story that’s hard to forget.”

~ Trish, at An Ordinary Life

“This debut novel by Kathleen Popa is magical. A telling of broken lives
in the process of being made whole, her writing is haunting and poetic.”

~Deena Peterson, at A Peek at My Bookshelf

“Kathleen Popa’s first book rivals the works of Jan Karon for her
simple, yet, profound character portrayals and slice-of-life stories.
This is unabashedly character-driven, and at the same moment
protagonist Dara Brogan’s personal demons drive a plot that most
authors wouldn’t have been able to put across.”

~Jim Thompson, at The Well Dressed Branch

“From the rigid Bible professor who has God all figured out and
bullet-pointed directions for anyone else who might need help, to the
inner whisper that tells Dara that she is sought by God — this story
is full of forgiveness and renewal.”

~Kelly Klepfer, at Scrambled Dregs

“This novel is gripping and holds onto you until the very end with very
good prose. I recommend this book to be read when you can sit down and
do nothing else.”

~Brittanie, at A Book Lover

“Kathleen weaves a story that is pure poetry with vivid imagery and a
powerful undercurrent of feelings – and healing. I Loved This Book!!!”

~Gretchen, at Inspire Me

“A must read for anyone who loves literature. This book will win awards, or should.”
~Rebecca Luella Miller, at A Christian Worldview of Fiction
(Becky also said the novel had no faults. But then she thought of one – Rats!)

“I am completely amazed at the depth and scope of Popa’s writing. Her descriptions of the desert let me breathless.”
~Christy Lockstein, at Oconto Falls Reads

“This book moved me to laughter and to tears and I thoroughly enjoyed
it. It’s a beautiful story that shows how God’s grace is at work around
us. Kathleen has done a wonderful job of writing about faith in a
natural way…”

~Linda Gilmore, at Musings From the Windowsill

Thanks also to:

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You can now buy To Dance in the Desert, autographed specifically to you or to aSignedbytheauthorlogo_3 recipient of your choice, at
Signed by the

To Dance in the Desert*** IT’S HERE!! ***

To Dance in the Desert is officially on the bookstore shelves. It’s a nice feeling. And surreal. I look in the mirror expecting to see an author, and I still see only me.

Several weeks ago, I attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. There were early copies of my book there, so I got a table at the autograph party.

Many friends brought their copies for me to sign, and that was delightful – and frightening, because given where we were, all of these friends were writers themselves, possibly my most critical audience.

Finally a young woman I’d never met showed up at the table and held out her book. Someone I didn’t know wanted to read my novel! I was so overcome, I stood up and gave her a smooch.

Wonder how long it will take me to get cool?

Don’t hold your breath.

But I do think this calls for a celebration. Are you ready for an e-party? I have a few ideas:

First: if you have an un-signed copy of my book and would like it autographed, send me your name, address and the name of the person the book is for, and I’ll mail you an autographed bookplate.

Second, and even better: Between now and next Wednesday, anyone who buys or orders my book and emails me with details (what store, what city, what day) will be entered into a drawing to get one of three free autographed copies to give as a gift. (Or, if you’d like, you can keep the autographed copy and give the other one away. Want an autographed bookplate for that one? Remember to tell me who it’s for.) If your nearest bookstore doesn’t yet have To Dance in the Desert and you have to order it, that’s okay. Just tell me when and where you bought or ordered the book, where you’d like me to send the free book, and who the book is for. I’ll announce the names next week.

Third: If you are a new friend who I have yet to meet, whether you win a free book or not, I’ll send you a virtual smooch.

“It will come, one day, like rain to
the desert,
God will bring justice, but for those
he catches unawares
they will dance and burn and die in
the desert sun. This I believe.”

My friend Marvin Brauer is the sort who can unravel a tense moment with an unexpected joke that makes you limp with laughter. He’s even better with the lighter moments.

And he’s quite a wonderful poet. This particular verse was inspired by the title of my novel, To Dance in the Desert.

You can read the rest of this poem, and many others, on his blog, M.D. Brauer M.D.

(Thanks to disforia for the image.)

To Dance in the Desert
releases on May 1st.

The website is up, complete with a book trailer.

I’d be pleased to have you visit.

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