This is where I get to promote some of the charities I care about. Can you think of a better reason to have a blog?
Help make a difference in the lives of children in need. Now is the time to sponsor a child.

Compassion is my favorite. For a small monthly donation, you can ensure that one child in a developing country, a child whose name you know, a child who writes you letters and who loves to receive letters from you – you can ensure that this child receives health care and an education, on-going. Don’t just watch the news and wish you could help. This is something you can do.

If you’re going to search, why not Search Kindly?

I recently learned about an organization called Media Associates International that helps people who feel called to write, who live in countries where the opportunity to learn and to publish are extremely limited. Writers who have something to say and just need a chance are getting published because of these guys. Click on the “5 Ways” sign. Learn how you can support MAI.

The Greater Good Network is another favorite, because there are so many ways to do so much good. Whatever your hot-button is, they’ve got simple things you can do to help. You can shop in their stores, and the products you buy will help both the fair-trade artisans who made them, and will also earn credits to be applied to one of six causes – you get to choose.

Further, you can buy “Gifts that Give More,” and marvel at the things your money can do. Did you know that $40 would pay a teacher’s salary for one month in Afghanistan? Or that $60 would help a small business affected by Huricane Katrina get back on its feet?

Speaking of hot buttons, the sponsors of the Greater Good Network will provide real, tangible help for every daily click of a button. You only get one click a day per button, but look how many buttons!

By the way, these are just the buttons that take you to the buttons you’re supposed to click. You’ll see what I mean when you get there. Once you’re there, you can use the sites tabs to click all the buttons.

Check out the Greater Good Network. You’ll be impressed, I promise.

The Literacy Site
The Hunger Site
The Child Health Site
The Breast Cancer Site
The Rainforest Site
The Animal Rescue Site
Here’s one more click to give site, with a twist: you play a game to see how many places in the world you can locate, and each right answer increases the number of cups of water you donate. Sometime when you’re web-surfing, surf over there, and give a cup of water in Jesus name. (He was talking about doing the least little thing. And clicking a button is certainly the least little thing.) Have fun!

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