Gayle Roper is the accomplished novelist who a few years back encouraged me to write a novel of my own. So when Dee Stewart put out a call for two bloggers to review Gayle’s latest, Fatal Deduction, I jumped at the chance. Gayle is an a great mentor, and a kind lady. Besides, this way I got to read her novel early. What a pleasure.

In the story, single mother Libby Burton is compelled by the provisions of her aunt’s will to live in the same house with her twin sister, Tori, who she’s never gotten along with. Even though Tori and Libby look just alike, Tori still somehow manages to make Libby feel bland by comparison. Worse, Tori’s shady lifestyle casts a dark shadow on Libby, endangering her and her teenage daughter, Chloe, when a dead body turns up on their doorstep with a warning note – or rather a warning crossword puzzle – for Tori.

Of course, this is a romantic mystery, so Drew Canfield, the single father across the street, is on hand to help Libby sort through her feelings about her sister, as well as her painful past. But can this tender relationship survive the turmoil brought on by Libby’s family?

Fatal Deduction is a delightful, intricately plotted romantic mystery. I loved the characters, or else loved to – well – dislike them. I chewed off the fingernails on one hand while gripping the book with the other, worrying through the story, puzzling over the crosswords that (no kidding!) serve as clues throughout the book, smiling at the tense, fun, unexpected resolution.

Gayle Roper has written more than forty-five novels over a period of more than thirty years, and has won multiple awards for her excellent work. Fatal Deduction may be her best yet.

Be sure to read Dee Stewart’s post, and Brandon Satrom’s post on Fatal Deduction. (Those are links to their blogs. I’ll provide specific links to the posts as I have them.)

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